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Seeing As God Sees

Respect Life Sunday, 2011

Today is Respect Life Sunday, so we ought to think a little bit about what ‘Respect Life’ is all about.  For a lot of people – people on both sides of the issue, actually – ‘Respect Life’ has to do with where you stand on the abortion issue.  This is unfortunate because if you begin and end your understanding of ‘Respect Life’ with a consideration of abortion you’ll miss  out on an awful lot.  For one thing, a commitment to respecting life informs the way you decide about any number of contemporary issues, but more importantly a respect for life gives light and satisfaction to every aspect of all our relationships – our relationships with other people, our relationship with ourselves, our relationship with animals and our relationship to the earth itself.  I’d even go so far as saying that life doesn’t do us any good unless we orient ourselves to it with an attitude of respect.   Read More…