Would that they all were prophets…

I want to thank my spiritual community, the parish of Sacred Heart in Lexington MA, for fostering and encouraging my efforts at proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ.  This welcoming church, under the leadership of Rev. Arnold Colletti, has granted me many opportunities over the past seven years to share my reflections on the scriptures.  Some of these reflections have been lost to disorganization, but I have been able to get my hands on some portion of the essays and talks I’ve written and this blog is my attempt to bring some order to the writing that remains.

My hope, in gathering these reflections, is that my experience of discipleship may be of benefit in someone else’s faith journey.  Feel free to let me know whenever something has been useful — and if something has been confusing or troubling to you I want to hear about that as well.  I’ve categorized these reflections according to purpose they were written.  Some are short Advent reflections.  Some are longer reflections that I shared at one of our annual Advent Mini Retreats. Some are addresses I’ve made on Respect Life Sunday. Some are introductory talks I gave on the occasion of the Feast of the Sacred Heart.  Some are long reflections I wrote in response to conversations I’ve had with parishioners about certain portions of God’s word.  I’ve attempted, wherever possible, to ‘date’ these reflections according to the time I first shared them publicly.

Going forward, I hope to post new reflections as I write them.  I also expect to write some more casual entries which I will categorize as ‘Blog Posts’

Feel free to respond to anything I put out.  Spiritual growth is more likely to occur in conversation than in solitary presentation.  I look forward to hearing from you and learning from you as well.



29 Sep 2012


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