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Your loss, my loss

Most days, after Mass, I stick around to pray.  Sometimes I share the church with three or four others, sometimes I’m by myself.  Sometimes I’m by the tabernacle, sometimes I just sit in a pew with my eyes closed.

Quiet prayer in church is such a comfort that I marvel more people don’t join me.  How do other people keep their equilibrium without it?  I kind of think they don’t.  I suspect most Americans these days are agitated 24/7.  I’m not.  I pray.

Since it’s so much in the news, now, I meditated, today, on the agony of losing a child.  It’s little consolation to me that my child is still with me.  There’s no solace in the realization that other people are the ones taking the loss.  Grief is grief.  Grief is public property.  I see no advantage in disowning grief. Read More…