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Love To Slay Even The Angels

Any time any one of us recites the Apostle’s Creed we assert (among so many other things) our belief in the Communion of Saints.  As we progress along the path of discipleship, this belief of ours gradually expands beyond an acknowledgement, merely, of the existence of such a communion until it reaches the confident assurance that membership in this communion is our destiny, as it is God’s will for each and every one of us.

For this reason, we’re never wasting time when reflect upon the saints.  After all, the development of a devotion to one particular saint, or to a number of saints, can only serve to intensify our desire to follow in the footsteps of the Master.  Besides, the very purpose of communion is love and love can only be discovered in the midst of relationship.

Allow me to propose that a discussion of any saint, and certainly any discussion of today’s saint should both begin and end with love. Read More…


Chatter in the Blogosphere

One of the things I spend time doing, and I’m pretty sure other folks are doing the same thing, is meandering around the ‘net and dropping in on other people’s conversations.  For example, from time to time I get a ‘like’ on one of my posts from someone I don’t recognize.  Chances are, I’ll click on that person’s gravitar to find their blog then poke around looking for a post that interests me.  From there, I’ll find a comment I can relate to and follow that person’s gravitar into their blog.  On and on.  I might end up anywhere.  The wonder is that I haven’t landed on Kevin Bacon’s blog!  Read More…

Your loss, my loss

Most days, after Mass, I stick around to pray.  Sometimes I share the church with three or four others, sometimes I’m by myself.  Sometimes I’m by the tabernacle, sometimes I just sit in a pew with my eyes closed.

Quiet prayer in church is such a comfort that I marvel more people don’t join me.  How do other people keep their equilibrium without it?  I kind of think they don’t.  I suspect most Americans these days are agitated 24/7.  I’m not.  I pray.

Since it’s so much in the news, now, I meditated, today, on the agony of losing a child.  It’s little consolation to me that my child is still with me.  There’s no solace in the realization that other people are the ones taking the loss.  Grief is grief.  Grief is public property.  I see no advantage in disowning grief. Read More…

Well … here goes!

You may not realize it, but there’s going to be an election here in the United States in eighteen days.  (Bazinga!  That’s sarcasm, people in comas know there’s going to be an election in eighteen days.)  Throughout the blogosphere, particularly in the American Catholic corner of the blogosphere, folks are weighing in with strident opinions about the impact this election will have on our future well-being.  These opinions are often accompanied by dire warnings, outlining the horrible things that are going to happen if the wrong guy gets elected.  Salvation itself, apparently, hangs on the outcome!  For heaven’s sake, if you care for your soul, send out alarms to everyone you know, everyone you see, and tell them, “Get to the polls!  Get to the polls!  And VOTE FOR THE RIGHT GUY!!!!”   Read More…